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Matt Pullin

Welcome to :)

I'm Matt Pullin, a software engineer, chess player, and aspiring game programmer from Evanston, IL, USA. Originally this site was used to promote my freelance web design/hosting alias, Second Epoch Solutions. Now it functions as a virtual tree house of sorts. You can hang out here and browse a collection of materials related to my various pursuits.

I'm currently working for Integrisys, a company that designs and installs custom multi-disciplinary home technology solutions. Mostly I program AMX control systems, but I develop other software tools as well. I write the most in PHP/MySQL and JavaScript. I graduated DePauw University '04, where I majored in Computer Science and Philosophy. I have a traditional C++ programming education, and I have also written in .NET, Java, Lua and Flash ActionScript 2 & 3.

In my spare time I have been developing game apps for mobile devices using Corona SDK, looking into Titanium SDK and also developing HTML5 applications.

I also publish a series of instructional chess videos on YouTube. My USCF rating is currently hovering around 2100 and my goal is to acheive National Master status within a couple years. I continue to play tournaments and produce videos every now and then.

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