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Matt Pullin

Corona Gesture-based RPG Engine

This is an RPG Engine that I am creating with Ansca Mobile's Corona SDK. In this project I try to imagine an interface to a classical RPG style game that does not use a virtual direction pad or any type of onscreen buttons.

My engine makes heavy use of swiping and tapping gestures, instead. It even uses the accelerometer for some rarely-performed actions. The menus are circular and detect the direction - relative to the initial touch - the player drags his or her finger as opposed to the location.

The idea is to create a more efficient control system suited for the touchscreen medium that will never require the player to touch a discrete, small area of the screen.

Here are a couple YouTube videos showing various stages of production.

Here is a Map Editor I have created for this project.     © 2005-2017 Second Epoch Solutions