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Matt Pullin

Games I have created

Mobile Games

Another RPG Engine(2012) - Gesture-based RPG Engine.

Epoch Go(2012) - Realtime, multiplayer version of Go. There is a playable beta, but needs a lot of polish.

Multiban(2015) - Android app for playing Multiban puzzles.

Flash Games

Phighter(2005) - Born from an Asteroids tutorial, this vertical space shooter features - no shooting.

GreenCastle: Double Exodus(2005) - RPG style adventure game in which you control GreenCastle.

Elysium Man(2006) - Collaboration with Travis Steven. Platform adventure with fighting stickmen.

HKNC Demo(2008) - Early demo from a tile-based RPG project that didn't pan out.

Esa Engine Demo(2010) - Another tile-based RPG engine.

Java Games

Ninji & Scarlatti(2003) - Control two cats in a strategy puzzle game.

Jason Intuition(2004) - A game noir, so to speak. Find clues, take pictures, solve the mystery.

Browser-based Games

UglyQuest 2013(2013) - HTML5 game engine, was intended to be a poor man's Legend of Zelda.

LevenshteinMind(2010) - You must guess the secret word.     © 2005-2017 Second Epoch Solutions