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My Personal Profile Links

GreenCastle@facebook - My Facebook page.

secondepoch@instagram - My Instagram page.

secondepoch@twitter - My Twitter feed, this is the most updated out of any of these.


Flash & Programming Links - Blog about making old-school games. - ActionScript 3 (Flash 9) tutorial. - Kyle Sebestyen, fellow Flash/C# developer. - Site with some cool software tools, especially for working with images. - I use this tool to explore links I don't trust. - Generate custom throbber images for use in AJAX applications. - Photoshop-like image editing online. Convenient!


Chess Resources

FICS - Traditional ICS. Sign up and play chess online with others. - Online database and chess discussion community.

Evanston Chess - Evanston Chess Club (my local club) website.

The Kenilworthian - Vast array of interesting chess articles and replayable games. - Another online community with learning resources.

Chicago Chess Blog - Bill Brock's blog.

ChessOK Opening Tree - Cool online tool for checking opening move sequences quickly.

ChessOK Online Tablebase - Similar tool for 6-piece endgames.

ChessTempo PGN Viewer - Enter a PGN and look at the game quickly online.


VG & Anime Links - Has fan-translated RPG ROMs, screenshots, and MIDIs. - As the title suggests, a blog about 8-bit music. - Home of fellow old-school gamer James Rolfe, a.k.a. the Angry Video Game Nerd.

Kirupa RPG Tutorial - Good summary of what distinguishes the RPG from other game genres.


My favorite Webcomics - The daily adventures of T-Rex and friends have given my life new meaning. - Excellent webcomic. Occasionally NSFW. Has robots. - Another webcomic that I read. - Sometimes over my head, but very clever humorist. Makes fun of Apple and Wikipedia a lot.


Miscellaneous - For viewing images. - My physical fitness center of choice in case you were wondering about that. - Another physical fitness center. Nothing wrong with this one. - Legal humor. - Without which I wouldn't have thought of doing things like baking eggs inside avacados and making Jolly Rancher infused vodkas.     © 2005-2017 Second Epoch Solutions