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Matt Pullin


I have created a completely functional Multiban (multiple pusher Sokoban) Android app, using Android Studio. It has a level select screen with simple buttons that allow you to enter only levels which you have unlocked. The movement within the levels is gesture-based. You can swipe up, down, left, or right to walk in that direction, and your character can push a crate if there is an empty spot beyond it. The goal of the level is to get all the crates into the goals. Most levels require cooperation between two or more pushers; you can switch between them by hitting the Menu button on the phone.

Currently the app is at a stable point, with 11 playable levels. I have not published it to the Play Store, so my phone is the only one it runs on - I may publish it eventually but it probably could use more levels and/or graphical polish.

Here are a couple screenshots.     © 2005-2017 Second Epoch Solutions